Detroit Tourist Band. 1985.

Taking a trip back to a life lived some time ago, Detroit Tourist Band’s Patrick Lawrence’s 1985 concept album reminds us that often the most moving pieces of music are those that create the types of imagery we instantly recognise.  Lightly acoustic, with a Neil Finn style of gentle, pop, melancholia, 1985’s strength is it’s use of stripped back pop music and it’s well crafted, easily accessible, lyrics.  Lightly orchestrated in places (‘Jamie’, ‘Something in the music’) and fully acoustic in others (‘Elodie’) Lawrence’s songs use past references (“It was the summer of 1985, I was drinking coca cola and feeling half alive”) as a way of drawing the listener in and holding them tight.  Steeped in the type of memories that are simultaneously happy and wistful, 1985 works well as a soundtrack to a life lived long ago; and the one we’d like to return to if we could.