The Gathering Festival. 10.8.22

With a date chosen so that it fits almost exactly at the six month point after Stockton Calling, there’s considerable attention to detail with Stockton’s The Gathering Sounds festival; which is exactly what music lovers want to hear from festival organisers.

Formed in 2018 by KU Promotions, this year’s event may well be it’s most exciting, and best planned yet; “We choose a date that was deliberately at the half way point after Stockton calling” confirms Jimmy Beck, Managing Director of Ku Promotions, “Stockton’s got a really thriving live music scene and having spoken to music lovers they all kept telling me that they didn’t want to wait a full twelve months for the next all-day event, they wanted something sooner.  Why wait a full year for another chance to get out and see some great live bands when you can do it six months later”.

Deciding not to directly repeat the success of Stockton Calling, Beck has a different vision for The Gathering Festival and it’s line up, “The Gathering Festival has a different type of line up to Stockton calling, we’re in a number of the same great venues, but Gathering is more for emerging bands than Stockton Calling where perhaps bands already have a certain type of profile.”

Deliberately choosing a certain type of profile, Gathering looks to champion bands with huge potential “We see Gathering as being perfect for the types of bands who are almost at the point of being able to do standalone shows at some of the venues, but maybe aren’t at that point where we book them to play.  What that gives us is an opportunity for the acts to actually be bigger than the venues by the time the festival comes round, and it also makes it a great day for music lovers as they get to see a number of bands on the same day with huge potential.”

The chance for Gathering’s line up to reach that potential is also part of Beck’s excitement about the Gathering festival, who sees the day, somewhat, as a chance for music lovers to do some early talent spotting; “there’s bands on the line up who, for me, could go on to do really well and gain a really high profile.  Gathering gives people, a chance to see those bands just as they’re at the point of being well known, and in some cases this might be the last time you have to see these bands again in such intimate venues.”

Centred around award winning local venues ARC, KU and The Georgian Theatre, as well as the ever-popular Storytellers stage and new venue The Social Room, Gathering prides itself on the depth of programming with this years line up including The K’s CVC, The Lottery Winners, The Bug Club Swears and Stone amongst a huge roster of bands.

“I think this may be the best line up we’ve seen” confirms Beck “especially when you think of CVC who were amazing at Stockton Calling and bands like The K’s and Stone who are smashing it at the minute.  You might be looking at this line up in a few years thinking wow, they all played Gathering once”. 

The Gathering Festival; a festival perfect for music lovers keen to not wait too long to see the next big thing.

The Gathering Sounds is 14+ (accompanied by an adult) event. Tickets are £20 plus booking fee available from