Unkle. The Road Part 2.

Whatever your opinions about James Lavelle after last year’s excellent ‘The Man From MoWax’, one thing surely unquestionable is Lavelle’s love for, and influence on, the landscape of the past 20 years of British popular culture.  From the increased prominence of down-tempo, sample-heavy, soundscapes to society’s fascination in ultra-cool record labels and celebrity endorsed products, Lavelle’s wide-eyed lenses ensured his work as a record label owner, and as head of ‘Unkle’ was as impactful as it was difficult to pigeonhole.  Ever moving and ever changing, his life seemed, well, like a three-dimensional journey across popular cultures, emotions, success and self-belief.  Perhaps reflecting that journey back into his art, The Road part 2, is a multi-genre, multi emotive, trip through the trials of a long challenge.  At times optimistic (‘A Prophet’), in others broken (‘Long Gone’), The Road is a layered, precisely orchestrated, soundtrack to the sound of trying to catch your dream.  A true journey.