Born and raised in Dallas, SaraBeth is a contemporary country singer who is seamlessly making her mark in Nashville as an all-American, sweetly southern artist with an edge. Damian Robinson caught up with SaraBeth to discuss her headline show in Redcar and the impact of music onto culture.


Hi SaraBeth, we’re excited to see you across in the North East headlining Tuned In!  Are you excited in coming back to the UK?

I am yes.  Our UK Tours are something we look forward to every year and we have so many friends and fans that we’ve made throughout the past few years.  It’s amazing to be able to give them a hug and catch up.  We try to make the most of the time there and play as many cities as we can.
For those who haven’t seen the SaraBeth Trio live, how would you describe your sound and what can people look forward to in the live show?

We are a high energy, tight harmony group with upright bass and acoustic guitar, with me also trying to play shaker on a few songs.  We try to play an intimate show, running on a set list, but we try not to plan things out too much so that each show is unique!
Tuned In! is known for it’s work supporting the local youth and community.  How important do you think music is in supporting communities?

I think all creative activities are important as they help to build culture.  Music moves people, sometimes it moves them to dance, other times it’s to think or even cry.  It tells stories that let us know there are others out there who’ve gone through what we’ve been through.  Music was incredibly important to me as I was growing up and figuring out who I was.

The Tuned In! show is your first in a tour of the UK.  Do you prefer the touring part of making music, or the studio work?

Honestly I love it all.  Touring might have a leg up on the creative side because the fans are the reason we get to do what we do.  Watching them react to the music from stage is an amazing feeling.  It’s always been a dream to play music, and to see fans singing words that I wrote and recorded back to me.

Do you have any plans for after the tour you’re able to share with us?

We are actually heading to New York for a show and also to see our friends who play for Chris Stapleton play a show at Madison Square Garden!  Then soon after we’ll be releasing a brand new single.


SarahBeth plays Tuned In, Redcar, on Sun 14 October.  Tickets available at