Wolfgang flur. 7.8.18

Wolfgang Flur will probably always be known for his work in the golden era of techno pioneers Kraftwerk.  Look outside of this period though and you will find an artist still enthused by the dance and visual world.  Damian Robinson caught up with Wolfgang to find out more about his approach to music and his live show.


Your 2015 ‘best of‘ “Eloquence” was the first album to be released under your own name.  A couple of years on, how do you feel when you reflect on the album?

Looking back it gives me joy and fulfilment. I was happy when Cherry Red Records offered to release the record, as I was when I released “Time Pie“, my first album after Kraftwerk.  People seem happy with the assortment and surprises on the album, especially “Axis Of Envy“, “Moda Makina“ or “Golden Light“ (my favourite).


Is the intention to follow ‘Eloquence’ up soon?


Yes.  As I have no band, I tend to work with artists from all over the world, usually people I have become friendly with during my Musik Soldat live program. This is the reason my next album will be called ‘Collaborators’.  Eight tracks are already together and I will add two or three more.  Hopefully this will be out next year.

You’ll be out hitting the road in September, including a trip to Newcastle’s Cluny.  With your reputation for live electric music and striking visuals, does that have any bearing on how you prepare for a tour?


Not at all. I travel with three laptops. One for the music, one for the visuals and one reserve. I also carry some special devices for music effects and some power adapters and chargers, that’s all.

With these and my different performing (I’m no DJ), my special movements, I bring my audience to boiling. My partner in life travels always with me and her 4K video camera.

What can we expect from the live show?


I present electronic dance music throughout my show which features videos, images, old TV snippets and art scenes from the finest. The first 40 minutes have a lot to do with my time in Kraftwerk and I show many unknown images from my private collection. The music starts easy and grows over the evening into more and more technoide tracks. Do my fans get Kraftwerk tunes, I am often asked. Yes they will! But in an unusual way. I bring some re-mixes in dance version and dance tempo. These are real good ones.


You’ve always tried to work with younger artists and make yourself accessible to support young talent.  Is there a specific reason for this?

I love the younger generation and their approach to music in general – uncomplicated, light-footed, quickly, modern. I learn from them, they learn from me.


Wolfgang Flur plays the Cluny on Friday 14th September.