Jack Fox & The Harbourmaster’s ‘The Lower case ii’

When the K Foundation burnt a million quid they weren’t doing so because they had too much cash and not enough space to put it, rather they wanted to challenge conventional thinking by doing something so extreme that it forced people to question what western society had become.  We’d seen similar provocation in the music of the KLF, but none of their earlier work truly provided an opportunity for us to prepare for the intensity of their questioning of the space between art and commerce.

Few bands since the KLF have used their style of all out sample-bombing mixed with in your face, satirical, brutally honest narratives to challenge and disrupt the status quo.  And it’s about time we had one.  So good news, we do, and they’re from our shores.

Fox and co have created a piece of art which brims with humorous contempt at the state of the nation and the stupidity of the ‘art’ business.  ‘Punk’ in the way it champions creating your own music and finding your own samples, ‘dance’ in the way that you groove along and ‘provocative’ in it’s Sleaford Mods style rhymes, the Lower case ii steps as far away from an art genre as you can when creating something which still needs to be a part of it.

Is this record too idealistic? Possibly. But as the K Foundation proved, idealism is perhaps one of the only ways an artist with a real message has to make a difference