December 2022

Four Tops- Call on Me

I think I heard this on Devs, then I thought it was a Sam Cooke cover

Elastica- Connection

The BBC rock families trees about early Brit Pop was so good…

Madonna – American Pie

Realitively obsessed by William Orbit at the minute, particularly his end of the century pop production work. This, i think, is his pinacle. I used to be that bronckin buck.

Abba- Super Trouper

A sing along with an Abba Tribute band almost has me in tears with the lines ‘but i won’t feel blue, like i always do’- funny how the subconcious can creep up on you

Morrissey – The last of the Famous International Playboys

Spotify on shuffle wakes me up to this one morning – say what you want about Moz- and i saw a gig he did when he refused to come back on stage as he felt he wasnt adorded enough – there’s a certain type of genius about him

The Clash – Magnificent Seven

I spend a week in Benidorm mostly reading the Tripods trilogy and finally going through an Uncut magazine about the Clash that i’ve had lying around for a few years- i’m fascinated by Strummer, his lyrics, and the band. The coolest band of all time… ‘cheeseboiger’

Beach Boys- Wouldn’t it be be nice

As always the Boys play a big part in the month- i think the Philarmonic album is my favourite; the vocals remain the same from their best days but the overall sound is produced and edited that little bit better. I listen to Wouldn’t it be nice on repeat for the longest of times- the orchestra version and also the acapella version. My mate Mac used to have the song as his ring-tone – i’ll love him forever because of that.