Jar Family. 15.6.17

Hi Jar’s how’s it going?
It’s going absolutely great as it always does..
July’s going to be a  month of touring for you, with a big date at the Riverside on the 14th.  How’s the preparations been going?
Well we’ve been spending hours and hours rehearsing in a secret location practicing new material and working on releasing a single Very soon… keeping our heads down really. We’ve had a slight change of image also concentrating on the media side of things , the YouTube and other sites. Think you just get bogged down with gigs, writing and everyday life,
the media side seems to get left behind… and tends to become a bit dated lol.
As your reputation grows, so too are the venues.  How you feeling about playing larger venues?
It’s where we belong we Seem to preform better the larger the turn out. It’s like we feel the energy and passion from the crowd most gigs we do now are sold out or close to selling out which is a huge buzz… the amount of time we get folk and fans telling us we deserve to be up there with the big bands is mental… but at the end of the day you need that bit of luck,,, to land on the right ear… it’s so hard these days to compete with all the digital music the likes of Justin bieber and X factor robots. it’s all about the money and not the music any more one big production line with new models out every week….
What can we expect from the Riverside show?
A lot of excited northerners as we haven’t played a gig up north for a while… it will be heaving.. with new tracks and a newish image… we are as excited as the fans lol
The riverside has a lot of history behind it the best I’ve heard is it was the first place Nirvana played when the came to the U.K… don’t know if it’s true or not like ya know what people are like now a days… a lot of big artists have played there which gives us a band a sense of greatness like when we played the O2 academy with cast and Alabama3 great venues great sound so it will be a show not to be missed
Given that your music can be observational
We’re excited by what we’ve heard so far of the new material.  When can we expect some new releases and how are they sounding?
Our strength is preforming and captivating an audience.. we sing about life, the world , ups and downs… we write from the heart.. the new tracks are sounding great we like to get them right and tight till we preform them.. then slowly introduce them in to the set having 5 songwriters in the band we try and agree on the best songs to put forward. We must have at least a hundred or more songs lol so you can imagine the process we have to go through…
Given that your music can be observational, what themes have been developing with the new material?
Feel good honest lyrics it the aim to make people laugh,cry, dance and sing and even open there eyes to how the world is working Generally to come away from a gig mesmerised….with a song of ours stuck in their head for days.. lyrics that pull the heart strings or when fans have something in common with the lyrics….we like to tell folk how it is the truth about this corrupt society and to carry on in life with a smile nothing bothers us which is a feeling we like to pass on
Finally, how’s the rest of 2017 looking and what can expect?

We have a busy time coming up over the second half of the year. Got gigs all over the country from Cornwall to Inverness so a lot of traveling and with the release of the new single and getting gigs booked for next year it’s gonna be a busy time we have a great team who are helping us and booking agents to sort the gigs out,,, so we will be in a town near you some time some where…… expect a lot of noise and excitement….