August 22

Propellerheads – Velvet Pants

Loved the Prop’s from their first single; regularly have their album on, and often think about their show I saw in ’97. I’ve said Big Beat is shamefully overlooked – and a warm day in August, with the cans on, makes me just how special this one was when I first heard it. I’m having too much – I realised it last night.

Pixies – Here comes your man

A two hour, 41-song, Newcastle gig makes me remember JUST how good these lot are. You always know they’re good but they’re, like, really good. The greatest Beatles song ever written…

One Direction – Night Changes

Zayn does an 2022 Insta post of him, in dunagrees, singing part of this. I have it on repeat for the rest of the night…

Buckley and Bernard – Catch the dust

She described this at the Whitley Bay show as ‘trying to create the sound of the feeling you have when opening a small cupboard with an old box of photo’s inside with memories you’d forgotten’. Her live version, sung as intimatley as if she was wispering it in your ear, is like listening to pure silk. Wow.

Viola Wills – Gonna get along without you now

A random slip into BBC Radio 2 finds Trevor Nelson dropping this and it melting my heart. I’m transported back to the Fubar, to dancing with dawn, and with Gaz playing the coolest of the 70s grooves. I keep it on repeat for the rest of the night.

Pale Waves – Television Romance

Maybe the song of the day from the Friday at Leeds.