July 21

Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

I got back to some running this month; and in typical fashion, a light run led to an obsession to run every day, and then of a need to run further each time. On occassions I needed American Slang to give me an imaginary reason to get out and run and fight an imaginary enemy.

New Order – World in Motion

Far too obvious…. though I give that all away for the lines ‘express yourself’, ‘we aint to hooligans’ and ‘this ain’t a football’ song. Football casualism never sounded as good.

Jimmy Nail – Big River

I’m not sure what to do the morning after the England game; it hurts too much, more than I thought it would, and much more than it really should. To lose is one thing, but to lose because someone else wants it more than you is tough. I jog round the block listening to Newcastle songs, this one has me on the point of tears. We will rebuild.

Richard Hawley – There’s a storm a comin’

One of the joys of being a wanna-be librarian is that I can messages friends most days with a little note to tell them of an anniversary of a gig we saw. My records tell me that 9 years ago tonight, to the minute, I saw Hawley play this when I was beyond heart-broken and didn’t have a clue of what to do or who to be. I needed that gig more than I’ll ever be able to describe. God I love this song. But boy does it still hurt.

Fontaines dc – dublin city sky

I wish there was a modern geordie band so rooted into the geordie past

Madonna – Borderline

Rob Harvello’s recent insight into Vouge is, as always with his material, genius. But you’ll never beat Borderline for me.

Massive Attack – Future proof

The running I mentioned earlier comes crashing to a halt mid-month as reoccuring injurires resurface. I’m annoyed that I pushed myself. Then I’m happy I pushed myself. Then I’m annoyed again. 100th Window becomes my default album for the month to keep me calm and the opening notes to Future Proof become a regular anchor when i need to check myself before I wreck myself.

Howdon Aldi Death Queue – Sam Fender

The perfect Geordie punk track. Special shout out to the Get off the metro now craic.

Righteous Brothers – You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin

Seeing maybe my ultimate hero Tom Cruise on so much sport recently gets me digging out the Top Gun soundtrack. Maybe I should be a pilot like he is? The second this fucker comes on you’re embarrased by how much you’d forgetten how good it is. Well bring it all back.

Kanye – All of the lights

The knee issue I was wopping on about above keeps giving me grief so i have to turn to Mr West and plug in his electric charge points

Albert Hammond Jnr – Call an Ambulance

14 years ago, to the moment, I was stood on a car park in Benaccism watching a bunch of people including the B52’s, Magic Numbers and Arctic Monkeys. Alert stole the day, and this song stole my heart. Fucking mint.

Bruce Springsteen – My hometown

9 years ago, to the minute, I was in Sunderland watching this guy with my dad and one of my besties. I needed those two and the boss more than ever thanks to the fact that I was unable to think about anything but the girl i referenced above. The Boss did about 19 hours and my dad thought he was getting boo’d….

Razorlight – Pop song 2006

An interview with Razorlight has me digging through their material – the second, a favourite, and a contender for one of the best british albums of the last 15 years, see this song on repeat for about 20 minutes. Memories of a previous girlfriend, a long car trip, and being hungover come flooding back…

Paul McCarntey – find my way

The Beck remix – love everything about this and the video.

Frankie Rose – play for today

An away game in Doncaster has me digging out various Mojo free cd’s – the tribute to the Cure cd dissapoints me and my mate – but this one Frank Rose stands out.

Bettye Lavette – i still want to be your baby

This one from the Muscle Shoals cd stands out – i know where the Black Crowes originated from…

Israel Nash – Canyon Heart

Neil Young meets Brokeback Mountain.

Green velvet- Flash

I remember first hearing this, totally cained, with a really senior boss at the time. It blew me away. Been on repeat towards the end of the month.. as soon as that flashing drumbeat starts, and you get that ‘camera’s ready’ statement it digs into your ear and won’t go.

ZZ top- Ten foot pole

Earlier in the month I read an interview with Billy and made a note to fully listen to classic Top albums. I make this more of a priority on the day Dusty died. Ten foot pole stands out from what I’ve listened to fully so far. I saw them at Download once and spent the show desperate for them to do the guitar spin trick. They did. It was all you wanted it to be.