Toni Sidgwick – Try

Observant admirers of Toni Sigdwick may have noticed certain trends, and themes, in the narrative and musical structure of her work.  Choosing to return to tales focused on the glass being half-full, a key strength of Sigdwick is her ability to demonstrate that there is always another, half-empty, side to the story.

Past single ‘Carry my heart’ was effective in the way it told the story that although we can get lost in the darkness of the world, the most positive way to live is to stay strong and find reasons not to give up.  Essentially, ‘Carry’ was a song about choices and the reality that, like it or not, our mind-set is the predetermining factor in our mood.

‘Try’ builds on Sigdwick’s optimistic philosophy with the central theme this time being not love, but communication.  Telling the story of an uncommunicative relationship, Sigdwick starts with a half empty glass and a description of the moments we try to reach somebody who finds it hard to open up.  Sparse and ‘Private universe’ Crowded House styled, ‘Try’ begins as an intentionally distant, fragile, piece.

As our central author reframes her challenge, so too does the architecture of the music.  Increasing it’s tempo, and offering lovely surprises (pianos, hand-claps) ‘Try’ moves into a more positive, close, track as the author moves her description of ‘trying’ from one of a frustrated annoyance to one of optimistic belief (“You know in that moment I’ll be there”).  By the end of ‘Try’ our author has found the strength to persist with her quest.

Interesting, and unexpected in parts, ‘Try’ again showcases Sigdwick’s ability to examine a moment of choice, and provide an empathetic understanding of both sides.  Long may the glass remain half full.