Twisted Wheel. 2.5.18

Twisted Wheel broke onto the indie scene in a big way towards the end of the 2010’s, riding high with rock and roll classic singles like ‘She’s a weapon’ and ‘we are us’.  Returning after a 4 year hiatus, the Twisters are back.  Damian Robinson caught up with frontman Jonny Brown to talk about new material, new gigs and points to prove.


Hi Johnny, a few of us saw Twisted in Stockton a few weeks back, is it good to be back?

It’s brilliant to be back and we’re all buzzing about it.  We’re back with a few points to prove, to reconnect with our older friends and to find some new ones too 


The way the band played it felt almost as if you’d never been away

Thanks, it feels the same for us.  Since we got back together there’s a lot of excitement in the band about making up for lost time.  People who like the band have been very positive about the live shows as well, which helps.


And you’re on the road soon with a longer tour.  Any reason it’s called ‘Snakes and ladders’?

Snakes and ladders was the first song I wrote which ever got any radio play.  Conrad Murray, who manages the Courteeners, was kind enough to play it on his show.  Snakes was originally a solo track but Twisted later recorded it as a b-side.   We used the title as the name of the tour as we felt the board game fit with the history of the band, we climbed some ladders and reached some highs, and we also fell down to certain lows.  We’re back to even things out.


Will you be back with new music?

Absolutely.  We’ve been working on new material which we’re really happy with.  In fact there’s some discussions about if the material should come out as an ep or two singles.  Some people are saying the new material is so strong it should be out as stand alone singles rather than an ep.  We’re still processing our decision as a band and will decide later this week.  


But it’s all written, recorded, and ready to go?

Absolutely we’ll have new music out in some form this month.  We’re excited by the material.  Its going to be a good come back statement.   


It must be nice to be feel like you’ve been missed.  I see Liam’s put you straight onto some of his shows?

It’s a great feeling.  There’s bigger bands than us but it’s good to be back and feel like we’ve been missed.  The shows have been great so far and when Liam found out we were back together he fought for us to play some of his shows.  Which we really appreciated. 


You’ll be playing Newcastle shortly.  Are you looking forward to it?

We are.  We love the North East.  Jimmy Beck was great getting us back for Stockton Calling and we’re happy to be back in the North East again soon.  We enjoy playing Newcastle but we’re looking to play Sunderland and Middlesbrough as soon as we can too.  The North East has been really good to us.  What’s interesting was when we first started out the shows were a little less full than other parts of the UK, but that grew as we were around longer.  When we were away it was people from the North East who were most vocal about asking when we would be back. 


Any other fond memories of Newcastle?

We played the Riverside once and we were late as there was a hold up on the bridge.  It was funny seeing people starting to enter the show as we were sitting watching.  It’s also nice being back to where Alan Hull is from, he’s one of my main inspirations, I love listening to his work; especially Winter Song.


Twisted Wheel play Head of Steam on 7th June.  Information about their tour and new music can be found on