January 2020

Tool – Fear Inoculum

Carrying on with the Mojo 2019 list. Tool past me by last year; i’m glad someone forced me to open my eyes.

Spacemen 3 – Revolution

Plug in the guitars and kick out the Jams.

Purple Mountains – I loved being my mothers son

A trip to Manchester gave me sufficient time to stop the world and get into the last Purple Mountains record. Stand out for me was this gem; a level of complete unique thinking which breaks the heart and heals the soul at the same time.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk

Psychocandy has been the album of choice in the car this month; The Hardest Walk always stands out as a favourite. I never thought this day would come, when your words and your touch just left me numb

Lindisfarne – January Song

Like listening to November Rain in November, you shouldn’t miss listening to this gem at least once in January. I need you to help me carry on. . You need me need you need you need him need everyone.

Danny Brown – Combat

Hitting number 56 of the Mojo 2019 list, Danny Brown’s Combat stands out as an absolute belter on an album which seems to save it’s best tracks until the end. For those who stayed the distance there’s clear rewards. I’ve seen dynamite.

Need you tonight – Beck

Martyn B put me onto Beck’s cover of the Kick album; which I enjoyed listening to a few times. I’d say this was my favourite track of the covered album – how good does Annie Clark sound inside of the subtle groove!?

Anita Bell – Ring my bell

Waiting about for Miss Dixon when the extended version of this came over the PA. Still sounding so modern it took me about a minute to decide if it was the original or a recent re-mix.

Dire Straits – Money for nothing

The follow up track to Ring My Bell. I’m trying to listen to more music from the North East of England yet I haven’t actively listened to this song for years. So, so, good. Look at them yo-yo’s

Paris – 1975

The 1975 are the best band for decade(s) but saying that I’m not sure their last album, however great it is, meets it’s hyperbole. I keep listening to it from start to finish to see if I can make it move from an ‘8’ to a ‘9’. This month I fell more in love with ‘Paris’ – I’ll get it to a ‘9’ by the end of the year.

1975 – Me and you together song

Sounding like something from the soundtrack to my 1995 summer, this band take yet another left turn and pull it off yet again. Untouchable.

Waterboys – Winter Blows

Taken from a Mojo free cd, Winter Blows hit me at an opportune momement.

Bowie – I can’t read

Bowie’s Earthling period is easily my favourite of his era’s. The new footage from his recording of a video for ‘I can’t read’ reinforces my belief – phantom of the opera meets drum n’bass meets marlborough man.

Juliet London – I cried a river

A wonderful piece sandwhiched in the middle of a Marverlous Mrs. Maisel; I’m not sure the phrase about crying a river is one we use in Britain?

Rooney – I’m shakin

A trip to see The Mowgli’s gets me thinking about the ‘Californian sound’ and my memory digs out one of my absolute favourites from this century. This taken is taken from an album that was my wake up for the best of a year. I’m sh-sh-shakin

Shadow People – The Liminanas

Before The Mowgli’s arrive, this comes over the PA. At first I think it’s the Mary Chain, then i’m certain it’s a new one from Black Rebel. The LIminanas? Are they my new favourite band!?

Kurt Vile – One Trick Ponies

A lovely little gem hiding in a free cd I’ve only got round to fully listenting to. Loved you all a long long time.

Pet Shop Boys – Monkey Business

A dancing Chris Lowe may be my favourite pop moment of the month. Genius.

Fat White Family – Feet

A drive into Newcastle, whilst messed up with food poisioning, has this on repeat and me in floods of tears.

Steve Gunn – Vagabond

It’s taking a lot longer than I planned, but I’m at number 54 of the Mojo top 75 album’s from last year. Steve Gunn stood out for his Chris Issak-ness though this one was a little Fleet Foxes/Vetiver/Fleetwood Mac.

Sam the Sham – I never had no one

Sounding like I’d rather go blind, this little lovely soul peice turned up in The Professuer and got be scrambling for shazzam.

Primal Scream – Kowalski

Finding itself on almost repeat during the last week of the months, The Scream’s Trip Hop weapon buries itself deep. Kowalski always seems to burn the hotest with it’s claustrohobic itensity; the quesiton is not when he’s going to stop but who’s going to stop him!?

Darwin Derby – Vulfpeck

Hanging about for the Colossal Squid gig and this comes on; I’m convinced it’s Michael Jackson…

Cory Wong – Vulfpeck

Then I’m convinced this is Prince…

Limited World – Cory Wong

Oh my god these are my new favourites…

Ghostrider – Suicide

Pre Man of Moon opener; when you haven’t heard this for a while you forget…