Wildhearts, Terrovision and Reef

Collectively it’s fair to say that The Wildhearts, Terrovision and Reef are three rock bands who have done more to challenge the stereotypes of rock, and the nonsensical importance of ‘credibility’, more than most.

With a collective body of work searching to upturn any suffocating boundaries and expectations, each act has developed a strong reputation for placing the importance of their work on connecting with their audience, more so than they’ve ever focused on following trends or worrying too heavily on their image.

Central to this connection has been each band’s desire to focus on internal messages (speaking your truth) rather than external ones (commentating on the world).  It’s been this tactic which has supported the ongoing audience-band relationships as well as helping to prove that the best of music, and certainly the best of rock, is not it’s ability to provide a heart but rather it’s the ability to create a void.  It’s the void which provides an emotional place for listeners to fall into when they relate to the messages and allow themselves to be vulnerable.  Imagine that, the best of rock being the type which makes us vulnerable.  Stereotypes eh!?

With each band having promising to play a full set, this will be a great night for rock fans, and those who like to hear honest messages, alike.

The Britrock must be destroyed! Tour’ plays Newcastle o2 Academy on Sunday 20th May.