Honeyblood. 4.4.19

Returning with their third long player, ‘In plain Sight’, Glaswegian art-rock outfit Honeyblood are back with their continued focus and intent to shake up the world.  Recently announced as a solo project, Damian Robinson caught up with Stina Tweeddale to find out more about the new dynamic for the outfit and their future show in Stockton.

The new single ‘The third degree’ feels like Honeyblood are on fine, focused, form.  Is that a good indication of the sound of the new album?

The new album will be close to the past Honeyblood sound, but I’d say this is quite a varied album; predominantly as this is more of a solo record so by nature it’s less collaborative.  I think that there will be consistencies in the song writing style of Honeyblood, but the key difference in this record is the production which John Congleton has added.

What differences did John make?

John’s done some work in the past with the likes of St. Vincent and Angel Olsen so he added suggestions for new sounds and approaches to the music.  Honeyblood still has a familiar sound but we’ve just pushed it into different places.

And you’re out shortly to tour the new album.  As Honeyblood have always been a live two-piece, what dynamic should we expect at the shows?

I’ve got a new dynamic all lined up but I don’t want to say too much at the minute.  We’re about to start rehearsing for the tour and then we’ll be out on the road.

Should we expect a change to the sound of Honeyblood live?

I think there would be some natural changes, but that’s partly to do with new sounds on the album, and also that each member of the touring band will add their own interpretations.  Life’s about trying new things and this new album and upcoming tour is really exciting for me as I get to work with new people and experiment with new sounds.  What’s the point of doing the same things over and over and stagnating?

You’ll be taking the tour to Stockton, is there anything different in a North East crowd to what you see elsewhere?

I think everywhere is different in the UK if I’m honest but what I find most interesting is that in places like Stockton, and Glasgow where I’m from, you get venues which stick out as good places to hear live music and interesting bands.  I think that if you enjoy going to gigs then you’ll have your favourite venues and often you’ll be loyal to those venues and go and check new bands out because you like the venue.

‘In Plain Sight; is out on 24th May 2019 via Marathon Artists.  Honeyblood will play The Georgian Theatre, Stockton, on 4 May