September 2019

Sinead O’Connor – Rainy night in Soho

Amazing to see the rebel hearted one come back full of raw emotion and blazing trails.

Nina Simone – Lilac Wine

From one rebel to another; the very best of the best.

Taylor Swift – Paper Rings

The final rebel of the month – but maybe the best one; the one who rebels in such a subtle way it’s not noticeable. I like shiny things but i’d marry you with paper rings. Perfect pop.

Black Rebel MotorCycle Club – Teenage Disease

Worth every teenage angry thought for the line “You better grow yourself a spine or get out of the way”

The Who – Ball and Chain

Still guilty with no charge

REM – Crush with eyeliner

A couple of years back I was obsessed with Monster. The moment when REM took their punk, abstract and experimental ideas to the zenith including this statement of rebellion.

Rocketman – Crocodile Rock

Genius, hairs on the back of our neck moment, from an ambitious and daring pop piece which put all other straight-forward similar films to shame. Superb.

The baker brothers Cola bottle baby

Arriving like some 60s flavoured black keys sounding ear worm. This one has it all.

One direction – Stockholm syndrome

Harry’s best and one of the most interesting pop tracks of the decade.

Carole King – So far away

How do the lyrics of great songs always seem relevant? And what a baseline…

James Taylor – Carolina in my mind

Arriving just when you need it..

Madonna – Swim

The further away Ray of Light gets, the more relevant it seems. William Orbit’s work excels across the album, but potentially shines brightest on Swim; a hypnotic. break heavy, piece of paranoia and breakdowns.

XTC- The ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead

Part Replacements, part Wondermints, where has this been all my life?

Britney Spears – Gimme more

Perfectly dropped in the middle of Hustlers…

New Order – Your Silent Face

Dropped right in the middle of The Goldfinch..

Idles – Never fight a man with a perm

I’m so jealous of their intensity

Martina Topley-Bird – Anything

Totally forgot about this beauty from 2003

Alex Opal – How it feels

The coolest North East new release of the month – tremendous