Echolines EP1

Arriving at under 20 minutes, EP1 sets out to accomplish, and mostly achieves, the huge challenge of not only blending the bands classic indie sound with elements of electronica, but also storyboarding the development of technology and chronicling it’s effects onto culture and society.

Some people, it’s seems, like to be challenged.

Beginning with ‘Ready player one’ (surely an attempt to soundtrack the recent novel), EP1 is innovative in it’s use of electronica.  ‘Ready’ sprinkles 80’s sounding Gameboy/arcade sonic bleeps and blimps over an upbeat indie groove, brilliantly transforming the track into something original and bristling with ideas.   Sparkly, playful and humorous this is the sound of 80s arcade meeting rock.

Cloud city (hopefully named after the Star Wars planet Bespin) and ‘Friday night’ continue the sonic experiments; ‘cloud’ with it’s underlying Terrovision indie/punk sound and ‘Friday’ with it’s soulful vocal and spectacular guitar outro.

Standout ‘Dark thoughts’ sees the band end with blistering goth guitar made up of Cure and Bunnymen inspirations, “don’t shine a light on my dark thoughts” screams the chorus.   If you keep being inspired, we won’t.