Moodbay – Psycho

Leaning heavily into the trend to recapture the cold synth sounds of the 80s and reposition them within contemporary pop structures and production, Psycho’s ultimate success is its ability to find similarities in intentionally different layers; unemotional electronic soundscapes and emotive vocals.  Succeeding in the way that it draws you in, hugs you tightly, and tells you everything is going to be okay, Psycho is cunningly arranged to initially make you feel anxious for the future (the slowed, repetitive, breaks and 80s shooting synth moments) before exploding into a warm reassurance that everything is going to be okay (the gentle, wonderfully layered, vocals).

A break-up track of sorts, the anger within Psycho (“there you go, turning evil before you point the blame”) remains the final juxtaposition; angry lines between partners hidden behind soft, contemplative, vocals.  If this is an angry attack, it’s the one you’re always looking for, rather than the one you tend to get.