Cherry Head, Cherry Heart ‘Tarred & Feathered’

The new album from eclectic Teeside alt-pop duo Cherry Head Cherry Heart took about three years to write and piece together, a fact that meant its creation was designed in stages and inspiration drawn from a collection of places rather than a single focus.
Perhaps it’s this diversity of influences which gives the record, purposefully, a mixture in sound that spans several musical styles including  gospel, acoustic, pop and soul.
Heavily designed as a concept album, though not formally presented as one, the record follows a couple as they travel across  Europe, initially running away from something before eventually finding contentment in themselves.
Interestingly, tracks produced later in the albums creation provide subtle themes about the refugee crisis, offering a sense of how it feels like to be unwanted or  displaced.  As has been a constant in the Cherry’s career, intelligent lyrics provide both wit and thought provocation.  Though never overtly political or judgemental their thematic and metaphoric approach becomes an important part in joining the record together, especially with the changing sounds of each track which alter from early indie in sound right through to synthesised pop.
The final combination of the mixed sounds and the constant narration theme, give  the record  a very modern feel both in its concept and sound.  The Cherrys  may have taken three years on this, but it’s been well worth the effort. Thought provoking and fun at the same time.