Moon Rover. ‘It’s time for you to go’

Since releasing their first teaser back in February, four piece, alt rockers, Moon Rover have been promising some interesting ideas and sounds with their sophomore album ‘It’s time for you to go’, and given the conceptual premises behind the release, interesting is what they look certain to deliver.

Set out to our-fuzz, and out-buzz, solid debut ‘Moon Rover’, ‘It’s time’ sees the Rovers returning to the recording studio in the hope of pushing their rock/experimental sound further whilst telling the story of an astronaut’s return home from a space mission, and his struggle to re-condition in a world now threatened by nuclear war. They’ve been warning you it would be interesting.

Backed by psychedelic pop rock tunes, including recent ELO meets Queen meets Feeder single ‘I’m a dreamer’ and far out album tracks ‘Worry go round’, ‘City space port’ and ‘Pilot Seat Wine’, ‘It’s time’ is teemed with sonic distortion, fuzz pedals and explosive space rock sounds.

For those looking to take part in their own space explorations, ‘It’s time for you to go’ might be the perfect soundtrack.