Ula Lovell – Cherry

Downtempo, introvert and sprinkled with clever electronic production, there’s a lot that links the debut single by Ula Lovell with Kylie Minogue’s 1994 self-titled album on the then coolest of labels, Deconstruction.

Staying inside of the pop music genre, Cherry’s core hook is its ability to draw from a range of genres (minimalist techno, new jack swing, house) and counterpoint them with interesting abstract/dream-sequenced ideas about confusion, lust and uncertainty.

Bubbling into trip-hop territory, Cherry shines with its vocal delivery, ambition and production though stalls slightly towards its halfway point when the core melody line nudges out of tempo with the track’s core backing sequence; it’s a valiant attempt at experimentation that doesn’t quiet pay off inside of inside a pop-dance track which shines with its melody.

Cherry may not be quiet the five-star single Lovell was hoping for but there is a lot to be positive about; particularly the desire to be original and experiment.