Holy Motors – Horse

Sounding like a record written by the unhappiest cowboys you’re likely to meet, Estonia’s Holy Motors are clearly one for dark, twangy, americana filled with wistful longingness and a belief that loneliness is often the best solution to the relationship conundrum.   

Formed by a mixture consisting of part Mazzy Starr, part Lana Del Rey and part Chris Isaak, the layered guitar textures of Horse, complete with their dreamy, dialled-in, vocals sound like the moment of resignation; the prefect soundtrack to a future play-out/bar scene in Lynch’s next episode of Twin Peaks.    

Minimal in places, full of twang in others, Horse is a complete album in textures and imagery – standout ‘Midnight cowboy’ (“a little late to the party, everyone’s got somebody”) sounding like the happiest/unhappiest ‘come on’ you’ve ever heard.  Clearly even sometimes cowboys get the blues.