February 2017 playlist

Jesus and Mary Chain – Between Planets

Always the perfect blend of alternative rock, 60’s girl bands and boy meets girl themes, my favourite track talking about my favourite subject of being driven insane by someone you can never have.  “So turn around and run, back where your from… don’t shake your hips, don’t bite your lips.. baby, you drive me crazy, don’t come around here no more”. Perfect.

Alexis Taylor – So Much further to go

Solo piano and single vocal from the Hop Chip frontman creating a haunting track about being overwhelmed and feeling happy about feeling sad.  Visuals by Simon Owens make the accompanying video look like an extra from the Royal Tenenbaums, or a lost Talking Heads video; running in circles but getting nowhere. “Like a miracle that’s hard to bare”.

Misfits– Where Eagles Dare

Relentless punk championing teenage rebellion and sticking up the middle finger to anyone who tries to tell you what to do.  I ain’t no god-dam son of a bitch, you better think about it baby.

The Cookies– I never dreamed

Female teenage doo-wop and soul from Morrisey and Marr favourites the Cookies.  Early Smith’s gigs covered the Cookies ‘I want a boy for my boyfriend’… always the jokers.

Morrissey– There is a light that never goes out

Whilst we’re in a Moz mood, how’s about a blinding version of an old favourite.  Introduced by the refrain ‘remember me this way’- you just know that this sad song will become sadder in the future.  Take me anywhere, I don’t care.

Otis Redding– Shake

Three soul legends for the price of one.  Does Eric Burdon really out soul Redding!?

Father John Misty – Two Wildly Different Perspectives

Sounding almost like a time capsuled ‘Heartbreaker’ era Ryan Adam, Father John takes us to church with an interesting look at opposing versions of the truth.

Sky Ferreira – Everything is Embarrassing

Bobby G’s favourite and recent collaborator.  Introspective pop in the realms of the Pet Shop Boys mould.

Deep Vally – Smile More

Two-fingered salute which only the disenfranchised youth can ever really deliver convincingly;  “everybody’s trying to tell me what to do, makes me want to break shit and sniff some glue”.