Jan 2021

Stone Temple Pilots – Fare Thee Well

I heard this and thought it was an unrealesed peice with Scott’s vocal – lovely

The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode

At my most provocative I could put up a good case that Mr C’s performance in EG is one of the greatest rap flows of all time… and almost certainly the greatest British rap moment of the last century

Zayn – Pillow Talk

On repeat for a lot of early January – Zayn’s slowed down, trip-hop-feeled, debut called him out early on as an original identity in the mass pop collective universe.

I remember watchig this a few times early on in his pre-debut days thinking ‘down tempo, smoked-out, introspective’ – this is going to be good

No Doubt – It’s my life

Also on repeat early on in the month- my favourite track of the 00’s – with maybe, bar McCartney’s Penny Lane, my favourite bassline of all time. Genius.

Julian Casbalancas – 11th dimension

When I hear myself talk of the greatest song of the 00s it’s unfair not to mention this – which always make the running. Utterly brilliant and criminally ignored.

NIN – Fashion

Trent in superb form – sprinkled with a nice Paul Stanley styling..

Underworld – Jumbo

Just when you need him, the Dogboy appears with interesting ideas and suggestions on how to live.

KLF – 3AM Eternal

Back and remastered, the greatest living artists- perhaps bar Banksy and 3D – show everyone how to produce true artistic statements which cut through commercial bullshit. I used to want to be a Beatle, then I wanted to sing harmonies in the Beach Boys, then to be a dancer with the Prodigy – but for the last decade i’ve wanted to be in the MuMu’s.

My mate asked me in the summer if I wanted to buy an ice-cream van with him; purely cause the Jamm have one I said yes immediatley.

Wings – Band on the run

I’ve been locked inside of a Wings run for a lot of January – when the acoustic guitar kicks in it really is a belter

Martin Gore- Howler

Love how this video and synth production work so well together – what a menacing concept. Pocket warhol anyone??

Teenage Fanclub – Ain’t that enough

I remember Songs from Northern Britatin getting a kicking from my Fannie’s loving mate when it was released so I left it alone for years. Nonsense.

Metalheadz – Grooveride and Visionobi

I loved every second of this live stream – what an amazing set.