The Radio Set – A Crush on you

Champions of the type of dance music too cool to be called ‘pop’, but far reaching enough to be considered ‘popular’, New Order took the intellectual smarts of Kraftwerk and mixed it with a Northern, street wise, piss-taking, intelligence to produce the greatest electronic band of the last century.  Theirs was a mission to prove that ordinary, undervalued, young adults could make the type of music that could change the world.

And change the world they did.  So much so in fact that members are still regularly asked by ‘next big things’ to sprinkle their fairy dust and create pop magic.

Next up in the queue are Newcastle based ‘The Radio Set’, who have worked with former Order man Peter Hook on the production of their latest single ‘Gotta Crush On You’.   And Mr Hook has certainly arrived to this party with a huge bag of fairy dust, because Crush is excellent.

Retreating away from low-slung basses and obvious mimicry, the Sets have created a sound that is, naturally, close in sound to New Order but also full of the hypnotic synths, strong female vocal and meaningful vocals which stood out in Electric Youth’s ‘A Real hero’.  A lush, minimalistic, melody line pounds the track forward on top of which are placed hyper-truthful lyrics and pop-lush hooks.  Production wise, as you would expect, the track bristles with a clean, tough, dance sound and vocals pushed into the front of the mix.

If some young adults from the North West can change the world, surely some young adults from the North East can do the same. Especially with a track like this.