Anthony vacher. 31.7.18

Local singer-songwriter Anthony Vacher has progressed quiet a distance already in 2018, journeying  from a sell-out show at Jumpin’ Jacks earlier in the year, to preparing to play at Newcastle’s o2 Academy.  With a bunch of new tracks ready to release, and some good causes to support, who knows where he’ll end up by the end of year.

From the outside it looks like its been a great year for you already this year, and it seems to be building into a crescendo with your gig at the o2 in September.  Is this how you see things too?

Absolutely, yes, we started the year at Jumpin’ Jacks and now we’re getting ready to play the Academy, which is four times bigger, so things are getting better and better.  In addition we’ve got some new material coming out soon as well.

That’s good to hear, it feels like only a few weeks since ‘I’m home’ came out?

Ha, yeah it does doesn’t it.  It’s been about a month since ‘home’ came out, and the plan was always to have one or two new tracks ready before the o2 show so that we had new material ready for the show.  Home has already had 5000 hits on Spotify so it’s time to build on that momentum.

Fantastic, so you’re in the middle of recording both tracks at the minute?

I am yes, and also an acoustic track called ‘This could be’ which should be out soon and is going to be released to raise awareness, and funds, for Manhealth, a charity for a mental health support group.

What a great cause, is this something close to your heart?

It is yes, there was a few lads who’s story I’ve heard which was deeply affecting.  I’d written part of the track previously but never thought about releasing it as it’s pretty autobiographical.  After I heard their stories I felt that the least I could do was to try and use the song to help others.

Will you play the song at the o2?

I’m not sure yet, there’s a few festival gigs to do before the o2 so I’m trying to work out the best set list.

The o2 will be our biggest crowd to date, are you nervous?

Not really, though I do prefer a large crowd to a small crowd.  We’ve got a few festivals coming up so it’ll be good to get out with the band and practice.

What can we expect from the o2 gig?

It’s gonna be a big, and we’re really going to go for it.  We’ve got a new member of the silhouettes on piano so it’s going to be a big sound.  Most people expect my show to be acoustic but trust me it’ll be anything but.

Anthony Vacher plays the o2, Newcastle, on the 27th September.  Information about the show, and future releases, can be found at