Bruto – Slow Dance

Starting off with a bass line which bounces along in the gutter like GnR’s ‘It’s so easy’ Slow Dance is an interesting approach of trying to combine rock with classic rock sounds in the building of a verse, and mixing emo with ska in the chorus.  And in the main, the combined sounds pay off.  And in the main, this is anything but slow.

Driven by full-on guitar licks styled to sound like a Foo Fighter’s classic circa 1998, the real sting of Slow Dance is done in it’s chorus; a cleverly constructed wall of sound using heavy pop/rock structures underpinned with dramatic call and response lyrics.  Following the GnR and The Foo’s sound, the reality is that whilst Slow Dance may not offer anything sonically original, it should be praised for it’s desire to experiment with well-known rock structures and clearly aspire to make a hell of a noise.  Which it does.