Dinky Bossetti. 1.7.23.

Releasing their debut single, I kissed a boy, Newcastle all-trans Riot Grrrl band Dinky Bossetti! are already making waves in the local scene. Damian Robinson caught up with guitarist/vocalist Jade Mia Broadhead to find out more.

Fantastic single Jade, congratulations.  Why was now the right time for the first Dinky record? 

Our drummer decided she didn’t want to play live which was going to be the next step after practicing for a while, so we decided to record the songs that we’ve been working on the last year or so almost as a souvenir of the band’s time together. We liked the recordings enough to want to put them out and for me and our bass player, Aria, to carry on as a band. We hadn’t planned on releasing a single yet but Aria and I both came down with Covid and were frustrated so just put it out kind of unannounced!  

There’s a lot of themes overlapping and criss-crossing on the record – what would you say are the underlying themes?  

Mainly gender dysphoria. But I came out as queer at the same time as I came out as trans so there’s an element of trying to find myself sexually, whilst also being about the silly things you sometimes do when trying to feel better about yourself and your body.  

With this being the first Dinky’s record could you tell us a little bit about the ethos of the group and who’s part of the collective? 

It’s currently just Aria and I, but we have a drummer lined up, so fingers crossed. We started out as an all-trans band and ideally we’d have kept it ‘in house,’ so to speak. But we’re all about inclusivity so it’d have been hypocritical and kinda shooting ourselves in the foot to not be open to band members that don’t identify as we do.   

In terms of the future, will you be out gigging the single and where can we catch you? 

Playing live is absolutely what we want to do and I think things should come together pretty quick once we’re back rehearsing. Then it’s just a case of who will put us on! I pity anybody trying to promote a mostly trans, Riot Grrrl band, but there you go, haha! 

And then in terms of music, what’s on the horizon next for you? 

We actually recorded around 8 or 9 tracks so once we get gigging the idea is to release them either as a mini-album or a couple of EP’s. I’m super into melody and pop whilst Aria is more metal influenced and I think that makes for a pretty lethal combo which will become evident on future releases.  

I kissed a boy is out now.