Edwyn Collins. Video release.

In a world exclusive, and a prelude to our interview with him in September’s issue, pop master Edwyn Collins has let us lovely folks in NARC deliver the premiere of his stunning new video.  Taken from recent album Badbea, ‘It all makes sense to me’ is perhaps the LP’s standout track; offering an intensely personal, introspective, meditation of finding peace in an unbalanced world.

Beautifully placed into a short film by revered director Kieran Evans, the video release of ‘It all makes sense to me’ strips the album version of the track right back to the demo recordings of Collin’s vocals.  Set into emotive imagery of the Scottish highlands, and it’s natural ecosystem, ‘It all makes sense to me’ is a highly emotive, highly personal, confession from a songwriter at the very top of his game.  

We can’t tell you how proud we are to be the ones to bring this film to the world.  Watch this and be amazed.