Salsola – An ordinary thrill EP

If you’re like me then you’ll find the concept of ‘fantasy’ an interesting one, and a one which changes it’s meaning almost every time you think about it.  Principally the reason we fantasise can be broken down into two parts; either we fantasise about the things we want to run towards, or we fantasise about the things we want to run away from.  What then of the times when the thing that we are fantasising about can make us want to both run towards and away from something at the same time.  And in these situations what it is that we’re supposed to do?

Salsola’s debut EP, ‘An ordinary thrill’, asks interesting questions about the fantasy of relationships, suggesting that the fixation that comes with an initial thrill for somebody can be both beneficial and hazardous.  What do you do when you’re such that a fantasy isn’t good for you?

Built around Peter Wrights lovely emotive, light, guitar playing ‘An Ordinary Thrill’ asks interesting questions about human relationships.  Pop in style, the EP has an overall feeling of the more questioning moments of Kirsty McColl circa ‘New England’.  Not quite folk, not quiet pop, yet wise beyond it’s years.

An Ordinary Thrill takes us across a range of, relationship-based, questions and pop textures.  Upbeat with ‘Give me love’ and ‘Sleepwalkers’, whilst more gentle in other places (standout track ‘Midnight’ and ‘Dreamers’) this is an interesting EP showcasing well combined musicology with searching vocals and interesting narratives.   This EP, like the question of whether the fantasy of a thrilling relationship is useful, or useless, is a one we’ll come back to often.