August 2021

Velvet Underground – Heroin

Not drank in 8 years. Had no caffeine in 3 years. Rarely take paracetemol. Try to have no sugar. Yet this makes me want to take heroin.

Diiv – Skin Game

Speaking of smack, though I get the sense that this is about trying to get off it rather than starting to take it, Diiv have been on repeat for most of the month so far. They took away the sky.

Billie Eilish – My future

The new album is total genius. I went in cynical, I promise.

Durand Jones and the Indications – Morning in Amercia

I finally get round to listening to the free Weller cd from a recent Mojo – Jones kicks the cd off with this unique soulfulness. Amazing.

Stone Foundation – The light in us

Weller adds more groove for his free cd

Louis Prima – just a gigolo I aint got nobody

Bar a few funny throw-away’s, the new Suicide Squad had nothing particular to shout about – maybe apart from this little weapon hidden away

Teenage Waitress- You ain’t got it bad

Another highlight from Weller’s mojo cd – what a lovely peice of pop.

Charles Mingus – Freedom

One from another Mojo free cd- I’m not sure how much I like it, but I certainly found it very unique…

Grace Jones – Williams Blood

I stumble across a Grace Jones documentary Bloodlight and Bami, which includes a different, and better, version of this – helped by a family dinner which sets the context to the song – and it’s magic. Love the heavy rock fade out and the pure life story and honesty central in the track.

Inxs – Gods Top Ten

Something in the new VAL documentary gets me reaching for this, and then keeps it on repeat for about an hour..

Del Amitri – Not where it’s at

Potentially my favourite indie/pop/rock record of the 90s – this or Sparkys Dream – totally perfect.

Kylie – Put Yourself in My Place

A trip to an old stomping ground is on my mind as it’s full of ghosts I don’t want to run in to. Kylie always reminds me of one of the ghosts – the most special one – and this sums it all up for me.