Dylan Cartlidge. 5.2.2019

Recently signed to Glassnote (Childish Gambino, Chvrches, Phoenix) and having been produced by Grammy-nominated James Dring (Jamie T, Gorillaz) and Danger Mouse, local experimentalist Dylan Cartlidge has already achieved more than he thought possible with his musical career.  Yet he wants more.   Damian Robinson caught up with the Redcar star to find out more about new single ‘Wishing Well’ and the upcoming tour.


 ‘Wishing Well’ feels like a departure from your past sound and a move towards greater experimentalism.   Do you enjoy experimenting with your sound?

This track came from a batch of tracks which were demo’d and all sounded completely different from each other.  When I release anything new I want it to sound like something completely new.  Only when I think it’s fresh and original will it be released.  


Wow that’s brave, and a little risky, how do you know that it’s the right risk?

I think it’s all about trying to release music which is the embodiment of what’s happening in my life at that time and ultimately I want to make music which takes risks and is scary.  I believe that a big part of the creation of music is about trusting your instincts and believing in yourself.  If you get that right then hopefully others will hear the authenticity.


There’s quiet a few production techniques on Wishing Well, especially on your vocals, who comes up with the production ideas? 

Production wise I’m developing my own abilities and I’ve also been working with some amazing producers who have interesting styles and help me to make sense of the track.  We work on the tracks until it sounds like what I hear in my head.   Production is important in music but it’s not as important as making sure the record is true to who you are.


You’ll be in Newcastle and Sunderland in April for your tour, how’s the planning going?

Life really couldn’t be better at the minute.  2 years ago I was working in a pub and now I’m in a studio and getting ready to tour.  I’ll releasing a new EP ‘The Monsters’ which comes out around the time of the tour and I can’t wait to bring the new material to the North East.  Being in a supporting role is fun but with this being my own tour, and doing two dates in the North East, it’s a dream come true.


And after the tour it’s back into the studio?

We’re trying to get an album ready for next year so there’ll be some more time in the studio, yes.  I can’t wait.


Dylan Cartlidge plays Newcastle Underground and Sunderland Independent in April. Tour dates and details about ‘The monster’ EP can be found at http://dylancartlidge.com/#shows