June 2018. Playlist.

Richard Swift- Would you?

Snuck in the background of a pivotal scene in a Lady Gaga film, this soul banger had me googling 60s female soul singers for the line ‘in the town where i grew up’… It took a while to find i had the gender and the date incorrect.  I was convinced this was a Ronnettes B-side I’d never heard.  Which, when you think about it, may be the biggest compliment you could pay anyone.

Wilco – Handshake drugs

Following up on a brilliant Chuck Klosterman piece on Wilco I reached immediately for Handshake drugs, my favourite Wilco track.  I’ve always presumed this is about addiction and therefore related it to ‘I’m waiting for the man’ or ‘broken heart’.  It’s probably not though.

Spiritualized – A perfect miracle

Speak of the Spaceman and he will appear. Jay turns up with a sound most similar to ‘let it come down’ era.  How can this man carry on producing such brilliance?


spiritualized – I’m your man

The video was so good I spent almost a full day checking out prettybird to see what else they did.

crack cloud – Swish Swash

Favourite new band of the month following their intense as fuck show at the Cluny.

Rage against the Machine – Finsbury park

I must have spent two full days with the full live show in my ears.  Does wonders for my motivation but little for my relationships at work.

Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy

Coming out of left-field, and feeling like a cover of a certain funk mistro, Musgraves turns up to be all silky, wayward and personal.  Never saw this one coming.

Snail Mail – Heat Wave

I heard this, thought of summer and of times gone by and immediately realised that I’d never be able to have them again.  i wish i knew back then what i know now.