April 2017 – Playlist

Astroid Boys- Fallback

Sit back as these welsh upstarts kick right off.  Young Firestarters.

Frank Wilson- Do i love you

Let’s get dressed up and go for a night out with Mowtown sounds.

Dobie Gray- Out on the floor

Northern banger.  Loving the xylophone.

Jennifer Walton- Dislocation

Nine inch nails meets elements of the Low Fidelity all-stars for a dark and nasty voyage into the heart of darkness.


Rat boy- get over it

Humourous tales of young alienation over the funkiest beats for years.  A young Beastie Boy in the making.

Thundercat – Show you the way

Parliament funkadelic are resurrected for a 2017 track which sees Thundercat going as far out into the cosmos as George Clinton ever did.


Sinkane- life and livin’ it


Sticking with 2017 funk and soul- the new, horn-tastic, track from Sinkane builds and builds taking in African rhythms with JB style band leadership.

Allman Brothers – Not my cross to bear


Joe Cocker sounding blues soul from the brothers; love, lost love, regret, disappointment; i’ll live on, I’ll be strong, cause it just ain’t my cross to bear

Hurray for the riff raff- living in the city

Sounding nothing like she looks like, half mazi, half fleetwood mac- great pop sounding track.

Stormzy- cold

Blistering grime from an mc who absolutely ruled the stage at a recent Newcastle show.