RedFaces. 10 Feb. Stockton.

Past releases by Sheffield’s RedFaces have certainly proved that, with some thought and imagination, the guitar pop sound of Britpop can be made to sound both refreshed and reinvigorated.

In particular, 2015 single Katie come home gained strong press by blending together Cast’s good time Mersey beat with Blur’s(coffee-and-tv era) anti-macho rock’n’roll melodies to produce a single which was as revealing as it was harmonious.  Youthful in it’s outlook, the single was almost a perfect encapsulation of the band themselves, seemingly innocent and happy-go-lucky, but with a knowing glint in the spaces between the words.  Stylistically, it also possessed the witty attitude of early Arctic Monkey’s; a fact not lost on any train spotter who noted that they recorded early demos with Alan Smyth, the man behind the Monkey’s first ventures.

Almost two years later, and recently signed to RCA, the lads return with new single Kerosene.  No longer appearing so innocent, and sounding as though they’ve gone through a Supergrass Alright to Richard 3rd style metamorphosis, RedFaces return with an edgy indie anthem in the making.  Still youthful in it’s outcry (‘come on let’s try something new’) but with louder guitars and a heavier Motown esque rythmn they sound, well, like they would leave Katie at home rather than wonder where she was.

If the new single is anything to go by, this should be a night of indie at it’s very best; loud, edgy, inclusive and stomping.

The Reds play Stockton’s KU Bar on 10 Feburary.  £3. Over 18’’s only.