Duncan Lloyd. 30.3.19

As luck would have it, and as if some sort of intentional Machiavellian timing plot, today’s interview with Duncan ‘constantly creative’ Lloyd happens just after he’s stepped out of band rehearsals.  Not rehearsals for his new solo venture though.  Or rehearsals with his side project Nano Kino.  Rather rehearsals for his ‘main job’ as guitarist in Maximo Park.

A man of constant movement it’s nothing if not tiring just trying to keep up with Duncan’s creative outputs, let alone achieving them.

Currently concentrating on his solo work, ‘Outside Notion’, the third album released under his own name, is already picking up plaudits thanks to its lovely blend of lo-fi production, gorgeous pop melodies and high-lonesomeness lyrics which conjure memories of say The Electric Soft Parade or The Wondermints.  “It’s nice to have a number of different outlets for my ideas” confirms Lloyd on his walk home from rehearsals “and some of the ideas seem to fit naturally into different bodies of work.  With Outside Notion I wanted to test myself by working with an orchestra which I felt would challenge my usual song-writing style”.

Led by the debut single from the album, the gorgeous, Pet-Sounds sounding, “Young Dreams”, ‘Outside Notion’ is an album based around mature themes, heart-breaking lyrics and interesting instrumentation.  “I wanted this album to work as one piece, perhaps with one or two central themes running through it” continues Lloyd “I’ve been trying to collect these ideas for some time with the intention of channelling them into a collective idea; perhaps an idea that describes some of the complexities of how we live today”.

Mostly created solo, once sufficient idea collection had occurred ‘Outside Notion’ was eventually brought to life with drum, mixing and orchestral support from a close team who also provided useful feedback on how the songs were progressing; “It can be difficult to be so close to a song, and then been involved in it’s recording, to stay independent from it and I really appreciated the input from everyone I worked with , as well as the lovely February sun we had, to give me time to reflect on how the pieces sounded and become confident that everything sounded okay and that the songs fit together”.

Plans to take the record out on tour are progressing, though the complexities of touring with a multi-instrumental band are proving a challenge; “I’d love to take this record out on tour and play it live though I’m not sure about that as yet.  There will be a launch event around the time of the album release though which I’m in the process of finding a venue for, and then we’ll see what happens after that”.

And given his reputation and his level of productivity, we will indeed see what happens next; no doubt there will already be enough ideas for the next project.

Outside Notion is released On May 24th 2019 On Afternoon In Bed Records.