Otherkin interview. 7.11.17

Irish garage punks Otherkin have been making serious waves this year with a growing reputation for exciting live shows and the release of debut album ‘Ok’.
Ahead of their 3rd trip to the region this year, we caught up with the band to find out where they take their motivation from, what fuels their passion and how to brew the perfect pint.
Hi Otherkin, great to hear from you.  You put on one of our favourite shows of the year so far with your gig at Think Tank Underground back in March.   \Was the gig as memorable to you as it was to us?
Thanks for coming to the gig. I remember that as a Monday night in Newcastle! There wasn’t many people there but it was a great show anyway; we always have a good time in Newcastle, it’s a great city and the locals are good craic. Up the Toon!
You’ve got a reputation for putting on consistently energetic and intense live shows.  What fuels the motivation to put on such an intense show and how do you maintain your standards?
It comes from the music I suppose. Even if we’re wrecked tired from travelling we always managed to summon the energy to put on a show, I think it’s because the music is so energetic and we feed on that. We’re always motivated to put on a good show, people have paid good money for a ticket and I’d feel like we’ve cheated everybody if we just stand there and play the songs while staring at our shoes.
You played Newcastle in September and then you’re back in the region in December visiting Tynemouth’s Surf Cafe as part of a 3-month tour.  What can we expect from the Surf Cafe show?
Wild, unbridled mayhem! We actually requested to play there specifically because we saw our mates (and great band) the Pale White put on a show there recently and it looked incredible!
Your new album ‘OK’ has been out for about a month, how’s the response been so far?
The response has been fantastic. People are really getting onboard with the ‘kin and it’s class to see so many people singing the songs back to us at our shows.
How do you see 2018 going and what’s your priorities for the year?
Lots and lots of touring. That’s where we feel most at home. Aside from gigging, I imagine we’ll get cracking on album two and possibly put out some new tunes.
Finally, you have your own brand of beer.  What’s your brewing secrets?
We do! OK IPA, the thing is absolutely bangin’. Our main brewing secret is not to let the band anywhere near the actual brewing process, haha. Our role is to drink it, it’s a big responsibility but someone has to do it. We’ll try save some cans for the Surf Cafe!
Otherkin plan Tynemouth’s Surf Cafe on Friday 8th December.   Tickets from £7