Hinds – The Prettiest Curse

Fresh from some, perhaps, overly critical reviews suggesting their second album sounded too ‘similar’ to their distinct debut, you get the sense that ‘The Prettiest’ is attempt by Madrid’s favourite four-piece to carry out two distinct responses.  One the one hand wanting to stick two fingers up to the naysayers by carrying on as normal with their loose guitar-driven indie rock sound (‘Burn’ and ‘The Play’); and on the other wanting to take wild swings and venture into new textures.  Driven by superb production it’s the second hand which stands out furthest on ‘Prettiest’; opener ‘Good Bad Times’ managing to blend Pet Shop Boys synths with Bananarama sugary sweet melodies and ‘Just like kids’ taking us into Aqua ‘Barbie Girl’ choruses.  Sounding fresh and free this is the sound young people should make.  Screw the critics, they know nothing.