Bone Noir. Ikben.

If the mid 90’s Bjork took her Trip Hop down-tempo electronic beats and multi-layered electronic sounds and mixed them with the noises it’s likely she would hear on an Ayurveda retreat, sound-tracked by a mid-2010 EDM compilation, it may well sound like this new one from Bone Noir. 

Cinematic, and orchestral in its three minute opening inception, Ikben’s charm is to create, and then place us, in the middle of a claustrophobic, chant heavy, opening before bringing us out into a final rush of dance floor heavy beats and ecstatic rhythms for a final movement.   

Wonderfully constructed, with hidden easter eggs making themselves heard on each re-listen, this is a track placing on such a deliberate journey that it feels a shame the trip is all over within 5 minutes. 

Fingers crossed that an extended 12” mix of this appears in the future.