Finn Forster. 2.11.2021

Back with a bang, local one-to-watch Finn Forster returns with new single, ‘Stay right till the end’ a back-to-basics gem by an artist with a growing reputation and catalogue.  Damian Robinson caught up with Finn to find out more about the single and plans for the future.

Can you tell us a little about Stay right till the end?

Yeah, I’ve been working on loads of music through lock down and this one felt right to release as it was like I’d come full circle and gone back to a huge sound with really heavy elements and big vocals.  I think the song sounds really anthemic and has almost the sound of a heavy Kings of Leon element to it.

The sound is really well produced how did you manage to capture that?

Thanks, it was a big band effort and when we recorded it all of the band were in the studio together so there’s a good vibe to the song and the togetherness of the band comes across well.  We’ve been playing now for some time and I think that also comes across, we’re a great group and we’re only going to get better and better.

With lots of new pieces how did you decide on this one to record and release?

We played the song at a number of shows and it got some really positive response, in fact I nicknamed the song the people’s single as loads of people have come up to me at the end of shows when I’ve played it live and asked me about it and if it’ll be a future single.  It’s nice to hear the response to songs before you play them live, and it’s felt like a good way of knowing which songs are well received.

Your locked down shows and recent solo shows have received great feedback, was it difficult to go back to a full band sound?

Thank you, yeah the shows been nice to do but I knew I wanted this to a full band effort.  I’d love to get to a position where I can do sets where there’s enough time to do some acoustic parts and some louder band songs, that way I can play various different songs and take my time to incorporate different elements into the set.  It’ll come, I’m sure.

What’s next after this?

At the minute I’m just looking forward to getting this out, and then waiting for the next one and getting that out.  I’m doing a few gigs this side of Christmas and then there’s plans for shows into next year which I’m finalising up now.  All being well we’ll just keep getting better and better.

Stay till the end is released on 12th November.  Details about future gigs by Finn can be found at FinnForsterMusic.