Galaxians. 17.8.18

The first thing I did after attending my first Galaxians show was to upload some images to Instagram with the text ‘I’ve seen the future’.

And I had.

Loud, funky, and a lot of fun, Galaxians managed to blend incredible ‘shake your booty’ grooves with live instrumentation and longing soul vocals in a performance that really challenged the perimeters of dance music. It remains one of the very best shows I’ve seen.

Yet, with it’s blend of retro disco and contemporary electronica, it’s also remains somewhat of a challenge to describe; “Rather than try and describe the music I’d probably just encourage people to listen and decide for themselves” says Galaxian drummer Matt Woodward “It’s fair to say that the music that has influenced us the most comes from the post-disco / pre-house period of dance music – specifically from the late seventies to the mid-eighties and sub-genres such as boogie, garage, proto house etc”.

However you’d describe their sound, Galaxians music is all about having fun and enjoying strong dance grooves, live playing, and mesmerising soul vocals. “In very simple terms it’s live dance music” continues Matt, “there’s some automation, some programming, but at the heart of it is the interaction between Emma, Jed and myself. We try and play with energy and encourage people to dance and feel a part of what’s happening.”

Encouragement is certainly something the Galaxians provide in troves, exemplified by the moments where vocalist Emma Mason steps off stage during instrumentals, grabs a drink, and dances in the audience as part of the crowd. How’s about that for dividing any barrier between performer and audience?

“At its core dance music should be about community, tolerance, respect, and a shared experience” agrees Matt, setting out the Galaxian philosophy “We hope that we can help to create a feeling in the room that the experience is a shared one and that the normal hierarchy associated with gigs or rock music doesn’t apply”.

Almost twelve months on from their last album, the critically acclaimed ‘Let the Rhythm in’, (“the best record I’ve made with any band”) Matt confirms that the Galaxians are already back in the studio working on twelve new songs, “We’re not sure how the songs will come out, but it might be a second album and an EP or something similar.”.

Before the new material we do have new live shows to look forward to, including Septembers show at The Cumberland Alms which Matt, as a former resident of Blyth and Middlesborough assures us, will be a good one “I’ve always liked Newcastle as a city, the people especially. It’s always been a city that’s made me feel at home and my fondness for it never goes away.”

You might never really be able to predict the future, but for what it’s worth, I’d recommend you came to the show and got a glimpse of what it could look like.