Martha Hill. Landslide.

Pushing the synths to the front of the mix, rather than keeping them layered in the background, Martha Hill takes yet another sharp turn in her relatively brief musical career; schizophonic in the truest, best, sense and thereby creating the form of an artist who is both hard to pigeon-hole, yet truly consistent, across her output.

Perhaps a distant relative of Charlie XCX’s lockdown written/ produced ‘How I’m feeling now’, ‘Landslide’ creates interesting electronic textures and layers them with lockdown themes about the regular shifting mood swings from being ‘okay’ to ‘not okay’ and back again.

Placed inside of an upbeat, major key, soundtrack, the beauty of Landslide is its ability to provide distractions, both sonically and lyrically, thereby tricking us into believing that everything is okay with our central character; as they simultaneously fall apart from the inside. 

Stylish and multi-layered, Landslide is an interesting meditation on perceptions and the reality of what sits behind what we think we see.