Many Moon – Promises

Past finalists of The Pouges Irish Whiskey’s ‘Shot of Discovery’ competition, Newcastle’s folk outfit Many Moons have been gaining a strong reputation on the live folk/ light rock scene for a number of months, led, in the most part, by their ability to produce lively pop numbers, crackling energy, and unforgettable choruses.  Yet with history reminding us that a dynamic live sound cannot always be caught onto a record, the first thing to say about ‘Promises’, Many Moons debut, is the relief that the Moons, and their producer John Martindale, have done some great studio work.  Not only is ‘Promises’ Many Moon’s debut single, but it’s also a cracking tune which sprinkles with energy.

Focused squarely at the radio-friendly side of folk, the heart of ‘Promises’ is an optimistic, bright, pop sound narrating themes of unbound love and youthful optimism.  Centred around warm, emotive, vocals from writer/ vocalist Patrick Kelly, Promises uses a light Ryan Adams Gold-era sound, and superb doubled up backing vocals from Mark Johnson, to create a sound reminding us to never give up on our dreams, or ‘and we are fools and yet we dream’ as the track repeats towards the end.

Optimistic, confident and full of life, ‘Promises’ is a fine debut from a band with plenty of promise.  Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that optimism is infectious.