The Thieves – Bulletproof

Seemingly a kick out against the five-day work week, on first listen you could mistaking believe that ‘Bulletproof’ is an arms-aloft tribute to the end of the week knees-up.  Strong Buzzcocks / The Vines indie-pop spiky guitar lines, smart production, and huge chorus hooks about everyone having  ‘something up their nose’ work well in presenting the song, initially, as a joyous song about the virtues of living for the weekend and defining yourself as a weekend rock star.

By the third or fourth listen though you find the deeper, more punk, message of ‘Bulletproof’; namely that are dangers in binge drinking, over stimulating yourself, and being an establishment who knowingly sells drink to under 18 year olds.

A track flooded with the spite and wittiness of The Cribs, it’s the hidden messages which make ‘Bulletproof’ stand out; a warning to us all that the truth often only reveals itself to us ‘when the dust has settled’ and when we come to our senses.