May 2020

Gorillaz – How far?

The Skepta one. It took a few times to get this one fully – more fool me – but when the hook got locked in I was hypnotised.

Roni Size – Ghetto Celebrity

A month of drum n bass gets me digging out later Roni Size – which I shamefully overlooked at the time. Method’s on fire with this one. We gonna fuck it up tonight.

Roni Size – Centre of the Storm

The review of later Roni also gets me reappraising the Zack De La Rocha piece. I wish I was as intense as this man.

Run the Jewels – ooh La La

Making his second ‘featuring’ apperance of the month, De La Roche’s back (in the video at least) for a track who’s video kicks harder than perhaps it’s track does...

Run the Jewels – Legend has it

...Which is fine, as the previous realease from RTJ kicks just about as hard as anything can.

Saturdays – Cut Copy

Keeping the beats high, but moving into early 2000 disco styled house ones, Cut Copy clear the floor with groove magic. Why am I finding so many tracks some 20 years after they came out!?

Daft Punk – Too Long (Gonzales version)

In the mood for grooves, I head to the source – trailing about through Daft Punk B-sides and remixes. What an original cover of a dance floor banger.

Daft Punk – Aerodynamite

But when you want the real thing, sometimes you have to dive straight in (to an alternative version at least)…

Chemical Brothers – Music:Response

And then you kick out the remixes and extended versions and head towards the kings (first album at least, and then snippets in follow-ups). I’ve always thought Big Beat needed some kind of review and reappraisal...

The Vibrators – Baby Baby

Duff talks up The Vibrators as being in his top 5 albums of all time – I head towards them thinking they’re a hardcore west coast punk outfit. How wrong I am…

The Misfits – Last Caress

…But seeing as though hardcore punk has been the soundtrack to this month’s Yoga sessions, I do feel like I need to include some choice cuts. This one tends to start the session off..

The Bad Brains – Attitude

And this one always seem to be the highlight of the set… PMA has never been made to sound as important…

Talking Heads – CrossEyed and Painless

Spotify tends to jump into recommendations once the punk-yoga soundtrack has ended. Recently it’s chosen this stand out from the Heads… I’d love to go into work one day in an over sized suit.

Spacemen 3 – Big City

A review of Sonic Boom’s recent album gets me digging out Big City; what a hidden treasure.

Kylie – Breathe

Funny that the nudges to breathing properly happen outside of the Yoga sessions… punk for the activity, Kylie for the essential moments.

1975 – Guys

And of course there’s the obligatory piece of genius from the 1975…. this month’s a track that avoids the obvious melody lines as only as they can. They sold me a dummy and I bought the whole shop…