Stuckfish. The Watcher.

As evidence by those who have escaped the three-year album/tour/rest cycle (70s Bowie, 80’s Prince, 90’s U2) ‘momentum’ may be the key differentiator between musical acts who make interesting creative choices, and those who replicate the artistic landscape of previous work.  A mere twelve months on from their hugely ambitious debut, Stuckfish return with even braver choices and more colourful textures on a record which proves that once you’re on a roll the worst thing you can do is to stop.  Hamming up their central 80’s prog/rock sound the Stucker’s double down both on the 80’s electronic rock textures (think Journey circa ‘Separate Ways’) of their debut and signature long ‘Floyd styled guitar solos.  Full of interesting ideas and noteworthy cameos, The Watcher is a highly ambitious record which takes time to tells its stories in full rather than editing them down into disposable fillers.  Lush vocals, dream like guitars and rich textures; this is a band full of momentum.