Set you Sites. Show and tell.

The new Double A side by Middlesbrough 4 piece ‘Set your sights’ is a great demonstration of a band who continues to grow and push their sound.  Side 1 ‘Show and tell’ is an acoustic guitar driven track focused on the need to understand how someone feels about you.  Concise harmonies about holding someone close and being vulnerable are the highlight of the track, helping to expand the sound and add emotional weight.  Set within powerful drumming, and a lightly orchestrated chorus, there’s an interesting cinematic feel to the track leading to an acapella close down which was a personal highlight.
Interestingly it’s the vocals which are expanded on in track 2 ‘One day’.  Starting off as an acoustic,  50s sounding, righteous brothers esque, teenage heartbreak track, One day builds into a pounding sound, underpinned by traditional celtic sounds in the style of say Flogging molly.   One Day keeps the listener guessing on where the track will go next and plays with traditional song structures.  This is a great EP, very much highlighted by storng vocal harmonies and interesting blends of musical styles.