November 2016 playlist


Har Mar Superstar

Somehow the ‘Superstar’ made the landscape of 2013 sound exactly like it had rolled out of a sleezy 1970’s Detroit underground club.

It’s 6am, we’re still awake and we’re about to make decisions we’ll enjoy now but regret later.


The Charlatans- I just can’t get over losing you

Burgess turns on his best Curtis Mayfield allowing the band to complete their metamorphosis from 2nd tier Britpopper’s to 1st tier Soul Brothers.




Kevin Rowland- Rag doll

Starting off like late 90’s Spiritualized, but moving into the type of meaningful soul that Kevin couldn’t help but make.

Listen to this on a day when only soul music can help.

Sonics- The Witch

There’s only so long you can float around the funk and soul world before you need to be kicked back into rebel music.

Recorded live, in one take, the Sonics prove that you don’t need gimmicks to make a point.

McCartney’s howl has nothing on this.

The Saints- Know your product

The Australian MC5 and Stooges collectives attack crass consumerism and marketing.  Bill Hicks would be proud.

“Cheap advertising, you’re lying
Never gonna get me what I want
I said, smooth talking, brain washing”

Flesh for lulu- Postcard from Paradise

Sticking with the men from down under, here’s the new wave, original, version of Postcard from Paradise.

Later covered by the Replacements with the caveat that anything good enough for Westerberg is good enough for everyone else.

 “And I fell under your spell”.


Gene Clark- Strength of Strings

Heartbreak has never been done so well.


Nic Cave and the Bad Seeds- More news from nowhere


Out high-bassing Peter Hook… audacious

“I spent the next 7 years between her legs pining for my wife”


Pixie Geldof- Woman go wild


Foxes meets Bjork for a track which is as electronic as it is earthly.

What Dusty might have sounded like in 2016.

The Pixies- Classic Masher


Punky, spiky and purposeful.

“They talk books while they’re laughing at you”