Talk like Tigers.

Newcastle electro pop act Talk Like Tigers made an award winning splash in the electronic music world in 2016 thanks to their self-released tracks ‘Animalistic’ and ‘Gunning’.
Demonstrating the skill of blending interesting synthesized sounds with two part Kate Bush style vocals, the Tigers offered a clever dance pop sound that was 80s retrospective in sound but present day in substance.
Fronted by twins Charlotte and Stephanie, the Tigers used themes of escapism and fantasy in their music, and strong, synchronized, images in their visual work to produce material that had dry intellect, pulsating tunes and clever meaning.
To build on their early critical acclaim, the Tigers will release their debut EP on 24th February. Preceded by the EP’s first single ,‘Tropical’, the duo appear keen to push their electronic vision and production even further by offering tracks that are sensual, emotive and striking in sound.
Promoting the release of the EP, the band will be hosting a launch party on 4th March at Think Tank? Underground with support from Twist Helix, Paige Temperley and Amy Ridley. Billed as ‘an all-female line up to celebrate women in music’ expect the show to offer the best of what pop should stand for; danceable, empowering and meaningful.
Trust us, this may well be the last opportunity for you to see the Tigers in an intimate setting before the big time comes knocking.

Talk Like Tigers’ debut EP will be released on 24th February 2017 at
They play Think Tank Undergound on 4th March