December 2021

The Coral – Eyes like pearls

I remember writing this up a year or so ago, but shame on me for forgetting what a wonderful peice this is and thanks to the lovely Sodajerka podcast for knocking this back into my head.

Gaz Coombes – Wounded Egos

And the same goes for this belter – the moment the kids kick in may be one of my favourite moments in pop.

Jack White – Taking Me Back

Garry Numan meets Blade Runner meets White Stripes vibe – had no idea what version of White we’d get with the new release, but love this.

Primal Scream – Where the light gets in

A bunch of interviews with Bobby G when he promotes his new book gets me really fired up about the strenght of rock n’ roll – Screamadelica and Rocks get on the playlist quiet a lot, but it’s this one that ends up on repeat – sometimes for dayson end.

Apocalypse- Cigarettes after sex

This MUST be on a Lynch film – right? – that’s where I heard it!?

The Housemartins – Caravan of love

There was a great version of this at the recent Heaton/Abbot gig, and then the Boxing day Whitehouse/Mortimer tv show had a lovely edition which sticks in my phsyce. I stick this on repeat the day after boxing day when various ghosts fly too close for comfort and I get lost in huge anger towards selfies and self-importance culture- of which, of course, this is a major example of.

Tory Lanez – Pluto’s last comet

I loved everything about the 80’s pop groove when i heard this – no wonder Madonna’s not happy mind…

Supergrass – In it for the Money

Pretty much the opening soundtrack to most days of my month – there’s something transcendent in the recognition that my primary motive for my actions are to fund my lifestyle. I’m fairly certain they’re being ironic. I kid myself that I think the same – but I’m not always sure I am.

ELO – Showdown

Rogan talk about this being his favourite ELO track – i’m not convinced I’ve ever heard it…

Bad Company – Shooting Star

Same with this as with the above entry – Jesus Christ…